AMA Fine Art

Art and perspective...

Joomla! Aaaaggh - going to get this right but not sure if can create PayPal buttons on the website anymore. I can link to it and use Kompozer probably. Searching for a gallery extension with a thumbnail slideshow which uploads successfully and has descriptions - it’s out there… All in good time - Joomla! A page is not a page but could be a component, module, article (or bunch of them). I still like the idea of pages though.

I need to change the user.js settings to access the clipboard- scary. It’s bad when you can’t cut and paste the bio or artist statement from your own website. I have to check to see if I can upload text now that the editor is finally assigned correctly.

I’m going to paint today. I’m going to watch a movie this week and hopefully go on a hike before Monday as well. I hope Andy doesn’t work on Thanksgiving. He works nonstop.

ART! That walking squid has spirit - I’d say.